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Why Saathiya?

Tailored for the 45+ community, Saathiya caters to clients in pursuit of marital companionship. Regardless of whether you've experienced divorce, widowhood, or have never been married, we're here to collaborate with you in locating the ideal companion for the forthcoming chapter of your life. Our aim is to aid you in discovering a partner with whom you can forge a special and meaningful connection.


We grasp the cultural intricacies related to companionship-centered marriages and are committed to assisting you in identifying suitable matches that cater to the distinct requirements of mature unions. As you transition into middle age and beyond, aspects like children, location, and social inclinations carry a distinct significance when considering companionship marriages.

How it works!

Step 1

Become a Mirror Match Member!

We're honored to have you become a part of our growing community and member database! You can become a Mirror Match Member for *FREE* by following these simple steps to submit your information which will assist us in understanding and serving you better! Becoming a Mirror Match Member allows us to start showcasing you to potential matches! 

Step 1a

Submit your Intake Form!

By filling out our intake form, we can determine if you fulfill the prerequisites for our matchmaking services. It also gives us an opportunity to learn who you truly are and get a better understanding of what you're looking for! Completing this form with absolute honesty will bring you one step closer to receiving curated matches hand-picked specifically for you.

Step 1b

Schedule an Interview

Our favorite step! Our interview will lay the foundation for the services we're able to provide you, so it's considered the most important aspect of this process! During this stage, we delve deeper into understanding you, meticulously discussing your wants/needs for a potential partner and relationship. Scheduling this initial interview free of charge and is required to begin receiving custom-tailored matches! 

Once you complete the interview, you're OFFICIALLY a Mirror Match Member and can gain access to all member perks!

Step 2

Our Adventure begins!

After finalizing your profile, you can relax, unwind, and let us work our magic! You can anticipate receiving your first potential match within two weeks. While we don't expect the initial matches we present to you being an immediate perfect fit, this is our chance to better fine-tune your preferences following our interview. We never want you the get discouraged as we are consistently introducing new members to our platform on a daily basis. If the matches you receive slow down, be rest assured that a suitable candidate might become a Mirror Match Member soon!

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