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Find Your Mirror Match

Why Mirror Match Events?

Our events are famous across America for being THE most comprehensive and productive matchmaking events in the entire country! Each aspect of the event has been formulated over years of trial and error to ensure that you are on the right track to discovering your ideal Mirror Match!

What To Expect?

We strive in bringing individuals who share similar goals together the way no dating app can. You can expect to meet unique people from all walks of life and have deep meaningful conversations with them in a casual, worry-free environment. We will provide custom tailored guidance throughout fun activities and events which are designed to maximize engagement between you and your potential Mirror Matches.

Upcoming Event - Match Up NJ/NY


Match Up is an intimate, and comprehensive two-day event for those who are serious about finding potential life partners. We go above and beyond to put you in a position to succeed with your goal! Match Up is not a party, an entertainment-oriented event, or a speed dating mixer, it's a sincere place for people to make genuine connections with like-minded individuals who share similar goals.

Previous Events

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