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Ready For An Adventure?

Match Up is an intimate, and comprehensive two-day event for those who are serious about finding potential life partners. We go above and beyond to put you in a position to succeed with your goal! Match Up is not a party, an entertainment-oriented event, or a speed dating mixer, it's a sincere place for people to make genuine connections with like-minded individuals who share similar goals.

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What to expect!

At Match Up NJ/NY, with your cost of admission, you receive

- Personalized Matchmaking:

Our team will be there to match you on the spot with multiple candidates which we have been personally curated for you prior to the event.

- Unique & fun Activities:

Each activity you participate in is tried and tested in assisting you to find the ideal potential matches among the candidates in attendance. These will assist you in filtering you possible choices until you have 3-5 preferred choices at the send of the event.

- Guided conversations:

Our team members will make sure you're not in any awkward or uncomfortable conversations. We'll assist you in approaching as well as guide you in your interactions if needed to ensure that even the most introverted candidates are put in a position to succeed.

- Candidate Introductions:

Our host will be conducting live interviews of candidates at the beginning of the event. This will give you an opportunity to get an idea of who is in attendance so that you may use your time wisely in who you would like to interact with

- Event Companion Guide:

Acts as a personal directory during the event and gives you the opportunity to have us match you with anyone who you didn't get a chance to interact with at the event.

- Three Fully Catered Meals:

Enjoy three delicious catered meals with appetizers, entrees, & Desserts featuring traditional Indian & fusion cuisines.

- Pre-event Consultation:

We'll get in touch with you prior to the event and get to know who you are and what you're looking for. We're here to provide you with guidance on anything pertaining to attending which you may be concerned about. Pre-event consultation includes Conversation tips, creating strategies, helping you choose your attire, providing tools to increase potential results, and much more!

- Post-event Follow Ups:

Your adventure with Mirror Match doesn't end with the event! We'll be sure to reach out to you after the event if we believe you are an ideal match for any future candidates from future events. Your contact info will never be shared without your consent and our team will approach you directly for permission to connect you with potential matches!

- Access to Unique Perks:

Gain access to several perks from our partners and supporters such as discounted rates on international travel, free discovery sessions with dating coaches, and many more to be announced soon!

- Gain Status as a Member:

Once you attend one of our large events, you are officially known as a Mirror Match member! Members are the first to know about future events, access to members only events, Priority showcasing for matchmaking, and much more!

Requirements to attend

- Must be of South Asian Descent

- Must be serious about discovering potential life partners

- Must be between the ages of 28-42 as we are particular about age ratios

- Your application MUST be accepted to attend due to the large number of applications we receive

Cost to Attend

- Application fee: $5.00 + Service fee 

- Admission Fee: $150.00 + Service fee - Your Application fee will be credited

*Admission fee is non-refundable and non-transferable*

*Service Fees will not be credited towards admission*

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